Our Pastors

Pastor Jeff & Jennifer Warner

Pastor Jeff Warner
Pastor Jeff Warner has been in ministry for over 20 years. He founded Ultimate Strength Ministry in 2001, a ministry that showcases feats of strength while spreading God’s Word. He has traveled the world delivering the salvation message to many lost and hurting people as he shares his own story of overcoming many obstacles.

In 2007, Jeff and his wife Jennifer cofounded The Rock Church. The Rock Church is a place known for its love and care for all people regardless of their status or religious background.  Pastor Jeff delivers messages of hope and strength that are real and life-changing. He teaches life application of the Word of God. Jeff speaks with compassion about his own conversion and gives the message of hope, restoration, and redemption; as a result, Pastor Jeff has seen many changed lives.  Pastor Jeff regularly tells visitors that if they will spend four consecutive weeks at The Rock Church, their spiritual connection with God will change their lives forever!

Jennifer Warner
Director of women’s ministry

Jennifer is a warm, very real, gifted minister who speaks from the heart, sharing from the Word of God as well as her own life experiences. In addition to her speaking ministry, she has a powerful faith that is evidenced in her women’s ministry.

Jennifer holds a ministerial degree from Spiritual Life Bible School. She is a woman who holds many dimensions, having lived in the inner city without privilege for most of her life.  She can relate to every woman from every walk of life, reaching them with the message of God’s grace, love, and compassion, and even tough love when necessary. One thing is for sure, after hearing her testimony and teachings, you will walk away inspired, encouraged, and ready for more of what God has for your life.

Pastors Jeff and Jennifer have four sons, three grandchildren, and have been married for 30 years.



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